Apollo pick review

I’m reviewing 2 Apollo picks, with one of my TS picks as a good baseline of how I think a pick ought to sound and behave. The tortoiseshell colored pick is one of my personal picks that I’ve used for years, the multicolored pick is vintage casein, and the off white pick is PEEK. All are the same shape – very close to the Blue Chip TPR. I sent Nik (the maker of Apollo picks) closeup photos of mine and he used that to mimic my wear pattern in the bevels of the picks he made. The picks are 0.075″-0.077″ thick.

1939 Steck Console Piano

Great sounding piano, but had this horrible water damage on the top. I’ve gone through several steps attempting reamalgamation of the original finish. I made it much better, but not “as new”. On the plus side, the original finish is still intact, even if damaged.

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